Gunmetal, Pearls and a Gamekeepers Cottage: Amanda and Mark's September Wedding September 29 2016

A stunning wedding captured by Photographer Andre Poon.

Amanda and Mark's September Wedding.  Starting their wedding journey at The Gamekeepers Cottage, Lake Hayes . A Huntsmans story unfolds in a magical garden setting. A meeting of two lovers behind the tall tree. Dappled light glistens through the spring blossom.

Their ceremony is at Thurbly Domain, Arrowtown - a treasured and local secret. The stone ruin dressed in flowers and a sprinkle of confetti doves creates the perfect backdrop to share their vows. 

Couture Wedding Gown by Beau.
Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom dresses by Beau.
Bridal Headpieces and Veil by Beau.
Dark Pearl Jewellery by Beau.


Fitting Amanda, her bridesmaids and mother into their couture dresses on the morning of the wedding was a moment to treasure. 

Amanda's dress appeared as though it was dipped in liquid metal. Chiffon layers flowed from her silk bodice laced in dark pearls. Each chiffon layer a different colour tone captured from the natural dark pearls.
Amanda's Bridesmaids dressed in Navy were the perfect accent to the bride. Amanda's bespoke and handcrafted headpiece featured the same magnificent blue in the centre of each peacock feather.



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