Blog: A Wedding Dress Is The Ultimate Shopping Experience. (Q&A Southern Bride) February 09 2016


Recent posts on Southern Bride raise concern for a lack of bridal shops- they are closing left right and centre it seems. I believe there are many reasons for this and many of them probably negative. But I’d like to look at the positive and the opportunity. 

I believe there is a shift in the way we shop. Online shopping plays its part, often for convenience and as consumers we like to research the options available.  Even more exciting is the shift towards a shopping experience with a true and meaningful experience. When looking to find a wedding dress, for many of us it is something we really care about. It means a lot personally, is an iconic symbol and an expression of how we look and feel. So while you can look though the pages of the internet for inspiration there is a real need to touch, feel and explore your thoughts with a designer.

I am a wedding dress designer at Beau. The best thing about my job is meeting my clients and opening a discussion about what means the world to them. Discovering their passions and interests inspires me to design a beautiful dress to capture and enhance their unique personality. This takes time, building of a relationship and sharing laughs usually over a cup of tea or two. So it’s there I see the opportunity. An opportunity to meet you in my studio filled with fabrics and trims to play with and inspire, visit you at your home to share your space with you and see first hand what brings you joy and comfort or to meet in a cafe together to flick though magazines, immerse ourselves in the aroma of coffee and the buzz of local excitement. 

So if you are looking for your wedding dress- the one, that special dress. Spend your time with someone that will design it for you in a place that is just as memorable and inspiring. Enjoy the experience.


Beau xx