Blog: A Beautiful New Mother. (Q&A Southern Bride) February 01 2016

Late January a question from an Anonabride was posted: She has booked the wedding for April 2017 and later discovered she is pregnant…With a baby around 6 months at the time of their wedding- Postpone or Go ahead with the wedding??

Its a magical time for both parents to welcome a child in the world and a wedding is a beautiful celebration of this too. Think carefully and do what is right for you both.  
As a couture wedding dress designer I thought I could share some support.I have previously worked with new mothers quite often breastfeeding on their wedding day. 
Working with your dress designer you can discuss all issues and concerns surrounding the day and make sure your dress is designed to meet your needs as well as look fabulous.
In my experience designing a beautiful dress with functional details that allow for breastfeeding and comfort is all part of ‘getting to know your bride’ after all good design meets the needs and desires of the customer. I found the challenge is often the ever changing body shape from birth and continuing on through actively breastfeeding. But it is just that- a challenge!! Working closely together and meeting for dress fittings we can observe changes and plan, design and enjoy the journey to making a beautiful (and practical) wedding dress. 

Click below to view a Beau Couture Wedding Dress designed for a beautiful new mother.…/58858885-a-fairy-tale-and-gold-du…

The design of a low-v at the back of her dress and the side zip enabled her to slip the front of the dress over her shoulder to breastfeed during the day. Structurally designed into the dress was bust shaping and comfort so that a bra did not need to be worn. It was important to her to have a dreamy, floaty romantic lace and chiffon dress that was not compromised by the additional requirement to continue to breastfeed. Together we achieved her fairy tale wedding.


... A little thank you to Southern Bride for a platform to support new brides and new mothers.


Beau xx